LOESCH: The ‘War on Women’ Grift

By Dana Loesch

Over the weekend perverts — you can call them “protestors” but that suggests lawful behavior whereas these activists committed a felony under Arizona law — followed Democrat Senator Krysten Sinema into a bathroom and recorded her stall (at least one was male) as she used the toilet:

If you believe that women should be treated civilly and equally then you respect women’s spaces and don’t use those areas as public spaces to intimidate and harass a woman. If you thought the Muh War On Women™ cottage industry was going to object, think again. It’s more important that the magical math of the male in the White House be honored than women’s private spaces:

It should surprise no one that a website named for a dead skank that was yeeted out of a window would issue such a hot take. To say Jezebel’s piece is “irresponsible journalism” is insulting to journalism, a profession that can stand to lose no further esteem in the eyes of the citizenry is betrays rather than serves. 

The third and fourth whatever-wave of feminism is a grift that over-serves the males it strives to please rather than the females it pretends to serve. Feminists who refuse consistency on the issue of women’s spaces and privacy undermine protections for women. 

Biden defended the thuggish actions today:

Jenn Psaki tried cleaning up the President’s remarks during the White House press briefing but instead made it worse by refusing to condemn the activists’s thuggish behavior:

One of the activists (reportedly from the bathroom video) also stalked Sinema on a plane:

They continued harassing her after she landed in D.C:

A reminder that this is what the left has done since the beginning of the modern era. Whether it was Democrats bombing the Capitol in 1971 or a Democrat trying to murder congressional Republicans on a ballfield a few years back (to say nothing of all the Weather Underground, Occupy, Antifa, or BLM destruction) the left has always resorted to violence and intimidation to force consensus. All the people screaming about the January 6th “coup” — which investigators debunked — have no authority here since they never hold their own side accountable. (Many conservatives, myself included, vociferously condemned the violent actions of those who broke away from the larger peaceful protest to poorly mimic the BLM/Antifa violence they saw on their televisions all last year. None of them were armed and the only fatality was an unarmed veteran killed by Capitol Police, who was fêted by the press rather than the usual doxxing.) 

By refusing to condemn this action Biden is mainstreaming it. This is incredibly irresponsible and dangerous. 

Mess around and find out, though, like Tom here says. This wins the Internet today: