LOESCH: ‘The CHOICE Was Before Conception’

By Dana Loesch

In a “follow the science” society, how does one simply “find themselves” pregnant? I’m being serious. I’m following the science. How is it just a result by itself with the implication of zero cause?

I’m not trying to be callous, but we all follow the science, yes? No one “accidentally” invokes the result of a specific action, right? When you engage in a specific activity designed for a specific outcome why are there surprises when that outcome is the conclusion?

I’ve addressed this issue before, many times.

I reject this silly argument, the claim that women lack control over our bodies and that this is about making decisions over our bodies. 

Statistically, women made the decision to voluntarily engage in a specific act that results in a specific outcome. The choice was made before conception. After a woman creates a life, it is no longer about just her, it is also about the life within and protecting said life within. It’s discriminatory to suggest that said life shouldn’t receive the same protection as any other and to hold the life’s stage of development against him or her. If the argument moves to whether or not an infant can survive outside of its mother’s womb, I’d argue that many far leftists can’t survive outside the womb of Aunt Samantha (the now more powerful matriarchal counterpart to Uncle Sam), so those whose existence relies on the charity of state should be careful in how they evaluate the worthiness of a life.

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