LOESCH: Six Questions Every Politician Should Be Asking in the Wake of Uvalde

Conservative radio host and ardent 2nd Amendment supporter Dana Loesch says politicians are focusing on the wrong questions in the wake of the horrific tragedy in Uvalde, Texas. Here’s what “not a single politician is asking,” according to Loesch.

“Not a single politician is asking: 1) How did this murderer get into the school? 2) What security did this school have and how can we protect schools like we protect our concerts, banks, museums? 3) WHERE WERE HIS PARENTS AND THE ADULTS IN HIS LIFE?” Loesch tweeted.

“4) How did he buy a handgun? 5) Did he pass a background check? 6) No one in his house saw what was going on?” she continued.

“These are the questions asked by people who not only want answers, but solutions,” Loesch added.

“If you’re going to insanely blame someone for the actions of an 18 year-old criminal who lived at home and dropped out of school, START IN THE HOME and not the millions of law abiding people who carry every single day without issue,” Loesch concluded.