LOESCH: No, the Government Cannot Mandate Injections

By Dana Loesch

A couple of things to understand: Biden knows that there is no way this will withstand legal scrutiny. It will fail in the courts. He knows and doesn’t care. It’s a hail Mary from the admin that desperately needs a course correction after Afghanistan — and right on the same day that the lockdown unemployment benefits expired. 

After spending months attacking Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for disallowing companies to force their employees to get injected the same exact leftists are now celebrating Joe Biden for forcing those companies to make their employees get injected. This is about neither science or consistency. Biden threatened Republican governors in what is the most statist speech I’ve ever heard from a sitting president:

She lied:

He lied:

They all lied:


We went from “15 days to slow the spread” to $14k fines and loss of your job if you refuse a government injection.Full Article: No, the Government Cannot Mandate Injections