LOESCH: Loudoun County School Board and Chardonnay Antifa Are the Real Terrorists

By Dana Loesch

Imagine that you have a daughter who is a freshman high school. Imagine that you aren’t a particularly political person and haven’t really followed your school board’s battle over a proposed transgender bathroom policy in which boys who identify as girls can use the girls’s room and vice-versa. Now imagine that your precious daughter comes home one day and tells you that she was forcibly and repeatedly sodomized in her school’s bathroom by a male student who identifies as “gender fluid.” 

Imagine that instead of accountability for the accused rapist, the school surreptitiously sends the accused off to another school where he sexually assaults another female student. 

Imagine that three weeks after your daughter’s May attack you try to bring it up at the school board meetings in June before vote on the bathroom policy but you’re arrested while trying to tell the public at a school board meeting and the now-viral video spreads your name and image around the nation. Now the DOJ and FBI are involved because the administration labeled you and parents like you as “terrorists.” You were just trying to protect your child. 

Also imagine yourself as a high school freshman girl. It’s one of the most vulnerable times in a girl’s life. Imagine now that the entire nation knows you were raped in your high school bathroom, progressives shouting “believe all women!” only a couple of years ago are now either silent or looking for ways to destroy your credibility. The adults you were told would protect you not only failed to protect you, but sacrificed your protection at the alter of political wokery. A male student’s desires were prioritized over you own. Imagine what that does to a girl’s self confidence. 

Your dad, your protector, was labeled as a “domestic terrorist” by the National School Board Association and the Attorney General of the United States announced that the FBI would investigate people like your dad, people the President of the United States condemned, all because he tried to protect you. 

All of this happened to Scott Smith and his daughter

The school denied it, reportedly telling the public that there were “zero incidents” in their bathrooms. Two months after the attack, the suspected rapist was arrested

From Luke Rosiak at Daily Wire

On May 28, Stone Bridge High School called Smith to come to the school, where they told him that his 15-year-old daughter had just been in a physical altercation in a bathroom with a male, Smith says. When he arrived, he determined that what had happened was not a case of his daughter being beaten up – it was far more serious.

The school said it was handling the incident in-house. Smith was dumbfounded.

Deputies from the sheriff’s office ultimately responded to the school – not to investigate the alleged rape of a child – Smith said, but because school administrators called them on himfor making a scene about it.

Smith acknowledges he did make a scene and says any father would have done the same in the situation. “I went nuts. I called the principal a p—-,” he said. “Six cop cars showed up like a f—ing SWAT team” to respond to the school’s complaint about an assertive parent, he said.

The police department declined to provide records from that day to The Daily Wire. 

“Thank God that I drew enough attention to it, without getting arrested, that we got an escort to the hospital and they administered a rape kit that night,” Smith said. A SANE exam and buccal swab, his lawyer said, later came back favorable to the prosecution’s case.

At 4:48 pm on the day of the incident, the principal sent out an email to the community that claimed nothing jeopardizing student safety had occurred, painting Smith as the villain, and offering counseling services for witnesses of Smith’s blowup. 

Not only did the school try to hide the crime, but the Smith family was mercilessly ridiculed and smeared by far-left school board supporters and people like “Chardonnay Antifa” mom Jackie Schworm who threatened to “ruin” his plumbing business when she reportedly confronted Scott Smith and his wife, Jess, at one school meeting. (You have to read the Daily Wire’s account of Rosiak’s conversation with Schworm. It’s insane. She questioned the mental health of Smith’s daughter and mocked her circumstances.) 

Leftists in Loudoun County excused the rape of Smith’s daughter and targeted any parent critical of CRT — regardless political affiliation — with threats of ruin, organizing an enemies list on Facebook and asking if “anyone know any hackers?” before they were discovered prompting the sheriff’s criminal investigation division got involved.

The county’s corrupt Soros-funded prosecutor, Buta Biberaj (who won with less than 1% of the vote), was a member of the “Anti-Racist” Parents of Loudoun County and participated in discussion focused on compiling information on the kids of parents who criticized the board. Biberaj showed up to personally try Scott Smith’s case, a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge, considered highly unusual and described as “unheard of” by the Smith family attorney. 

CRT wokery advocates are prioritizing the desires of a male over the safety of a female. Senator Mitch McConnell made note of this when he countered Merrick Garland’s missive about terrorist parents, reminding Garland of what the school board and their surrogates did to parents in Loudoun County. 

Parents aren’t the domestic terrorists, the Loudoun County School board are the domestic terrorists. Garland, by ignoring the restraints of his federal office in state and local law enforcement matters, is terrorizing parents now, fully-sanctioned by the Biden administration. 

Here’s the sad truth: No one in the school board thought about this freshman high school girl. No one in the DOJ or in Loudoun County prioritized her safety, except her mom and dad. The left long abandoned its “believe all women?” “Me too?” shticks. 

How many women must be sacrificed at the alter of progressive male demands?

The school board and their supporters not only enabled the crime, they covered it up, transferred the offender, and then waged a smear campaign against the Smith family. The NSBA define “domestic terrorists” as parents who defend their freshman daughters after they were raped in the high school bathroom by a “gender fluid” male but the school board is the real victim, apparently.

I and others have long discussed the erosion of protections for women. A man who identifies as a woman can gain access to women’s bathrooms because he is uncomfortable using the men’s bathrooms — but women who feel uncomfortable using the bathrooms with men who identify as women or “gender fluid” are told their comfort is irrelevant and to be quiet.

Women are smeared with sexist slurs like TERF (trans exclusionary radical feminist) if we speak to that gut feeling we were raised to listen to in certain situations. This accommodation at the expense of women’s safety is unconstitutional, progressively patriarchal, and the absolute height of sexism. (Notice too, how the same people who tell women to ignore their gut and forget about their comfort in private spaces are also the same ones who fight like hell to deny us our Second Amendment right of self defense. )

Women are being erased. Our husbands and parents are maligned to hamper their credibility in an effort to further isolate us. Our girls are erased from sports and left defenseless before predators so that people like Chardonnay Antifa and the Loudoun County School Board can virtue-signal their politics at the expense of innocence. 

Parents have every right to grab their torches and pitchforks over this.