LOESCH: Lefties Losing it Over ‘Let’s Go Brandon’

By Dana Loesch

Spare us the outrage. 

The same people who gleefully called tea partiers “tea baggers” (including a former president, digital left media, CNN hosts, and more) are pear-clutching over “Let’s Go Brandon.” 

‘Let’s go, Brandon’ is code for something vulgar. Why the cryptic phrase, with sports origins, is trending

NPR: No one is really cheering on a guy named Brandon. Instead, the phrase is being used in conservative circles in place of a more vulgar message directed at President Biden 

‘Let’s go Brandon’ is Republicans’ vulgar governing agenda

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Some years back while on “Real Time,” host Bill Maher referred to me as such and I corrected him.

These are the same people who poorly crocheted bizarre vaginal hats for protest, organized “slut walks,” posted images of themselves holding decapitated presidents’s heads, or made videos fetishizing political assassination, people who referred to the rioting, murdering, arson, and looting of the past two years as “mostly peaceful protests” but saying “let’s go Brandon” is a step too far? 

If they dislike a Southwest pilot saying it perhaps the left should take their own advice, similar to what they said regarding social media platforms, and build their own airlines.