LOESCH: ‘I’m Tired of the Attacks on Open Carry’

Dana Loesch weighed-in Wednesday on the Kyle Rittenhouse trial in Kenosha; saying she’s simply tired of critics attacking “open carry” laws in the United States.

Open carry is “menacing?” To whom? I’ll agree that in most every circumstance concealed carry is more advantageous for the carrier because you retain the element of surprise. It’s why I typically carry concealed and encourage others to do so. I emphatically disagree however, that open carry is provocative or an intimidation tactic, nor do I think it’s a “disconcerting display of political identity and defiance.” Open carry is no more a disconcerting display of political identity than speaking at a political rally, praying over your meal in a restaurant, or reporting on what’s happening at your school board meeting for your community.

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