Lock-down Crazy Whitmer Tells Reporters Why She HAD to Fly to Florida During Spring Break

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer held a press briefing this week explaining her trip to Florida in March, telling reporters she flew south to help her elderly father despite her state’s lockdown measures.

“This is a part of my story. And so for anyone to be surprised that I had a family member who’s been having a lot of health issues that I showed up to check in. I don’t think they’re not — they’re obviously not paying attention to who I am and what I do,” Whitmer told ABC 12.

“It was not a vacation and it was not a gift,” Whitmer said. “This was a quick trip that I took.”

“When you’re the governor of Michigan, you’re always on the clock. But it doesn’t mean that you’re not also a daughter who shows up when a family member needs her,” Whitmer said. “When a family member of mine needs a little help, though, I’m going to show up, just like when we have a crisis here, we’re going to work 24/7 to keep the people the state safe.”

h/t ABC 12