LISTEN: Clay & Buck Take Calls From Veterans Venting On Afghanistan


CLAY: Let’s start with David in Superior, Wisconsin. David, what is your reaction watching all this unspool in front of us?

CALLER: What a slap in the face to every Gold Star family that lost a loved one over there. Guys, you asked earlier, “How is it that they didn’t know?” The answer is, “They did. They knew exactly what would happen and how long it would take.” (garbled cell) Why the chaos? Why all this? Let’s not make any mistake.

Going forward, for all these Marxists in government — in this government here — China is the model. So that’s all you have to do. There’s been news blurb after news blurb that for the past three or four weeks about China’s designs on Afghanistan. You combine that with the fact, how many…? (cell drops)

CLAY: I think we lost David. Yeah.

BUCK: Let’s get Mike in Georgia. Mike also served in Afghanistan. Mike, what branch?

CALLER: Hey, guys. How you doing? So I just actually retired last month from the Army. I spent 22 years as an infantryman, a lot of my adult life in Afghanistan.

BUCK: Well, God bless you. Thank you for your service, Mike.

CALLER: I appreciate it, guys. In looking at… I think you guys have nailed it on the head with everything you’ve been saying. If the administration and all their top advisers and insert-really-cool-job-description here and there, if they didn’t see it coming, they’re either ignorant or they’re lying to the American faces.

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