LIFE IN THE JOE LANE: New Poll Shows Most Americans Believe Biden Not ‘Mentally Sharp’

Sure. President Joe Biden messed up in Afghanistan. Yes, he triggered skyrocketing inflation. Our energy independence is gone. Gas prices are up. China is operating unchecked and hacking us at alarming rates.

BUT is that because Joe Biden is not…”mentally sharp?” That’s what most Americans think.

“A majority of Americans do not consider Biden ‘mentally sharp,’ according to an I&I/TIPP poll released Monday,” the Daily Wire reports. “Pollsters surveyed 1,306 U.S. adults on October 27-29 on Biden’s fitness for office, including his mental sharpness, energy, and communications skills. The poll has a margin of error of 2.8 percentage points.”

“Presented with the statement ‘President Biden is mentally sharp,’ more than half of respondents, 50.2%, said they either strongly or somewhat disagreed with the statement, DW reported. “A plurality of the respondents, 36.9%, said they strongly disagreed with the statement. About 42% of respondents said they either strongly or somewhat agreed that the president is ‘mentally sharp.’”

Read the full report over at the Daily Wire.