LIBERAL UTOPIA! LAPD Warns Residents Against Wearing ‘Expensive Jewelry’ as Robberies Rise

The Los Angeles Police Department is urging wealthy residents to avoid wearing “expensive jewelry” as crime skyrockets across the nations’ second largest city.

“What we’re asking the public to do with these crime increases is if they’re going to wear expensive jewelry or drive high-end cars, when leaving restaurants, taverns and other locations, they need to be mindful of their surroundings, and be in well lit areas. [We ask that] they recognize there are opportunists that are willing to take advantage of them and many times, these individuals are armed with firearms,” said Chief Michael Moore.

Armed robberies in Los Angeles are up 44% compared to last year.

“We’re tracking the increase in armed robberies including looking at various suspect and vehicle descriptions of those responsible,” he said.

“We’re gonna remain vigilant on this increase and we just urge everyone to pay attention to this to ensure that they’re doing what they can to prevent these instances from occurring,” said Moore. 

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