LIBERAL PARADISE? Income Inequality Far Worse in Blue States Than Red States

Newly-released census data reviewed by The Daily Wire reveals that income inequality may actually be more of a Blue State problem than a Red State one.

From The Daily Wire:

New York, Connecticut, and California had the biggest gulf between rich and poor, according to a Census Bureau yardstick called the Gini Index that measures how far an area is from “perfect equality (where everyone receives an equal share).” Utah, Indiana, and South Dakota had the least inequality. The Census Bureau’s detailed annual population study, the American Community Survey, was released September 15, and covered 2021.

Although liberals prioritize reducing the “gaps” between people — known more recently as promoting “equity” — a statistical regression shows that the more liberal a state is, the more likely it is to have inequality.

“This shows that all of the things that [Democrats] complain about actually come from Democrat policies,” said David Gordon, a conservative political consultant. “When they complain about poor outcomes for blacks, for example, that is primarily in the areas where they have governed for generations, to catastrophic effect.”

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