‘LET’S GO BRANDON’: President Biden Greeted by ‘FJB’ and ‘You Suck’ Signs in Minnesota

President Biden made his first trip to Minnesota since being elected to talk up his recently passed infrastructure package. “These are the jobs of today and tomorrow,” Biden told a crowd at Rosemount’s Dakota County Technical College. “We’re going to help America win the competition in the 21st century. We’re getting back in the game.”

Not one Minnesota Republican voted for the $1.2T package – and not all Minnesotans were pleased to see the President. Dozens of protestors gathered with ‘FJB’ and ‘You Suck’ signs.

“A less coded version just outright said ‘F–k you Biden’ with the U in the F word cleverly drawn to look like a middle finger,” reported White House pool correspondent Todd Gillman of the Dallas Morning News.

“A real middle finger attached to a somewhat rough-looking middle-age man with a beard was upraised as motorcade passed,” Gillman added.

“At least one person wore a shirt reading “Let’s Go Brandon” — a slogan used as a bowdlerized stand-in for “F–k Joe Biden.” The same message appeared on signs and at least one large flag,” the New York Post reports.