LEMON LASHES OUT: CNN Anchor Says GOP ‘Very Dangerous to Our Society’

So much for stepping back towards the middle —what will Chris Licht think?

CNN host Don Lemon stopped by New Day on Thursday to share his thoughts on the dangers of the Republican party; Lemon says the GOP is doing something “very dangerous to our society.”

“We sit around and we talk about these things and we want to give this false equivalence to Democrats and Republicans. That is not where we are right now,” Lemon explained. “Republicans are doing something that is very dangerous to our society and we have to acknowledge that. We have to acknowledge that as Americans, we must acknowledge that as journalists, because if we don’t, we’re not doing our jobs. We cannot sit here and pretend like ‘Well, Republicans, cut them a break …’ They have a lot to answer for in this moment.”

Lemon says the GOP has to answer for Jan. 6, recent SCOTUS decisions, and more.

“If they come on CNN, they must answer for that. If they come on MSNBC, they must answer for that. If they go on ABC, they must answer for that. They cannot expect to be coddled when they go onto a news organization or when they step up in front of a crowd of supporters or voters or of Americans,” Lemon insisted.

Watch Lemon’s appearance below: