‘LAME DUCK SPEAKER PELOSI’S WITCH-HUNT’: Stefanik Torches Dems for Focusing on Jan 6th While Country Burns

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) spoke with Fox & Friends to absolutely unload on Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats for wasting time with primetime hearings while everyday Americans struggle in the Biden economy. Stefanik says Dems are “obsessed with Lame Duck Speaker Pelosi’s Witch-Hunt.”

“The Democrats have been shameless…they are trying to get eyeballs and trying to change the narrative. They’re not hosting a primetime hearing on the border crisis; they’re not hosting a primetime hearing on the baby formula shortage…it’s a partisan witch-hunt,” Stefanik says.

“They are turning this into a Hollywood production rather than getting to work and focusing on the issues that impact Americans.”

Watch the clip below: