LAKE OUT IN FRONT: Trump-endorsed Kari Lake Holds Double-Digit Lead in AZ GOP Gov. Primary

Another Trump-endorsed candidate is way out infront.

According to recent polling, Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake holds a double-digit lead over her opponent Karrin Taylor Robson; Lake leads 43.1 percent to Robson’s 28.8 percent.

“‘While there was some evidence Robson was gaining last week, our polling indicates Lake has begun to close that door on her competition,” Big Data Poll Director Rich Baris said in a statement.

 “Over the weekend, the frontrunner gained with every key demographic and has a much easier path to victory,” he added.

“Every single poll has us up DOUBLE DIGITS. All the work we have put in this last year is showing, folks! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!” Lake said, referencing the poll. “We MUST override the system!”:

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