LAKE ON BORDER: ‘We’re Done Waiting for Bumbling Biden to Do Something’

Trump-endorsed Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake stopped by Newsmax to discuss the stark differences between her policies and those of her opponent, Katie Hobbs.

“I see her as a female Gavin Newsom,” Lake says. “Everything she wants to push on Arizona will have us looking like these blue cities in California that look like hollowed-out hell holes…Her tax policy is to cut taxes on basically four products for menstruating people —that’s not a tax plan.”

“I think Katie Hobss would be a disaster for our economy; she would be a disaster for our freedoms. I just saw her walking around last week…she had a mask on her face. We’re not going back to those kinds of mask mandates here in Arizona. We’re not putting masks on our children.”

Lake also spoke on her strategy to control the border.

“We’re going to roll out the troops to the border….We’re going to stop the cartels from running their fentanyl and their drugs in that is poisoning our young people and frankly destroying our country.”

“We can’t wait for this bumbling fool sitting in the White House to protect our people.”

Watch the full interview below: