LAKE LIGHTS UP HOBBS: ‘She Wants to Destroy Arizona —Nobody Wants California 2.0’

During a special Monday night Hannity town hall event on Fox News, Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake discussed the very sharp differences between herself and her Democratic opponent current Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs.

“She’s an open-borders globalist, let’s face it,” Lake added of her opponent. “She wants to take what Newsom has done for California, which is destroy that state, and do the same thing here in Arizona. And that’s why I think we have a movement, because people know if we elect someone like Katie Hobbs, we’re going to turn into California 2.0 and nobody wants that.”

Lake mentioned that it’s actually former Californians who are most anxious about a Hobbs administration.

“[They’ve] grabbed me at these events and go, ‘Don’t let Arizona go. We uprooted our children, we uprooted our business, we moved our home — we are here. We don’t want Arizona to turn into California.’”

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