LAKE BLASTS BARACK: ‘Much to the Horror of Barack Obama, We Do Cling to Our Guns and Religion’

Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake doesn’t want Arizona to become California.

During a recent speech, Lake stressed she likes Arizona just the way it is —calling it the “Wild West.”

“Arizona is the most gun-friendly state in the entire union? Even more so than Texas. We’re very much the Wild West here and frankly I don’t want to see that change. They’re trying to change us into California —no thank you,” Lake said.

“We will remain ‘Wild West’ and we love it that way. We are a tough people here in Arizona.”

“And much to the horror of Barack Obama, we do cling to our guns and religion here,” Lake said to applause. “We cling to our God and we cling to our guns because they are the two things that have kept this nation from falling under the jackboot of tyranny.”

Watch the clip below: