KREMLIN BACKS OFF: Top Official Says Russia Not Even Considering ‘Use of Nuclear Weapons’

Russia continued to dial-back its fiery war rhetoric this week with another top Kremlin official saying the country is not considering the use of nuclear weapons in its ongoing war in Ukraine and broader conflict with Europe.

“No one is thinking about using — about even the idea of using a nuclear weapon,” chief spokesman to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov, said.

“Any outcome of the operation, of course, is not a reason for usage of a nuclear weapon,” Peskov said. “We have a security concept that very clearly states that only when there is a threat for existence of the state in our country, we can use and we will actually use nuclear weapons to eliminate the threat.”

“Let’s keep these two things separate,” he said. “[The] existence of the state and special military operation in Ukraine – they have nothing to do with each other.”

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