‘KILLING CHILDREN’: MSNBC’S Joy Reid Goes Off the Deep End Discussing DeSantis’ Mask Stance

The left is coming for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid and a panel of talking heads grabbed their torches and pitchforks on the latest episode of The ReidOut. The target: Ron DeSantis. His crime: killing children.

According to Fox News, “In two separate Tuesday segments first flagged by NewsBusters, Reid, the Lincoln Project’s Rick Wilson and The Bulwark’s Tim Miller fumed over the approach to the pandemic by some Republicans, suggesting they just wanted to ‘own the libs’ at all costs, that DeSantis was only focused on his political future and that they were just letting children die.” 

Curtis Houck, managing editor at NewsBusters, sent the following tweet: “Lincoln Project’s Rick Wilson says DeSantis doesn’t care if Floridians die of Covid: “I think it’s possible he doesn’t give a damn. I think it’s possible he just doesn’t care….[Past governors] all gave a shit…He doesn’t care. He cares about his political future.”

The ReidOut is currently experiencing its lowest ratings since the show’s premiere last July.

In the later segment, Reid spoke with The Bulwark’s Tim Miller and asked him to explain what the strategy would be behind “killing children in your own state and letting children die of Covid.”