KIDS LAST: Rhode Island Schools Ban ‘Honors Classes’ to Promote ‘Equity’ Among Students

A school district in Rhode Island is ending ‘Honor Classes’ in the classroom to promote “equity” among students of all learning levels.

“Barrington, Rhode Island, public schools are among the best in the state. Many parents move to the district, and tolerate the higher taxes, because of the academic rigor that sets their children up for attending Ivy League schools or receiving academic merit scholarships. However, all of that academic appeal is being chipped away after the district brought in a so-called ‘equity and inclusion’ agenda,” reports Fox News.

“I don’t think I would ever be a fan of de-leveling, but the timing [to implement it during COVID] is what makes it very suspicious to me. So it just felt like it was an easy way for them to get their agenda through without pushback because people were so busy dealing with other stuff,” one mother told Fox News Digital. 

Another Barrington father explained, “Barrington administrators hired a consultant to justify this … And yet no one thought about the impact this would have on kids applying for financial aid or for college admissions. Not one top school in our state or Massachusetts has gotten rid of honors. Not one. And our consultant that you hired is all proud that we were going to be the first one. I’m not sure that’s something we want to be proud of.”

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