KIDS BEHAVING? RACIST! Teacher Says Following Directions the ‘Definition of White Supremacy’

High School English teacher Josh Thompson is here to save students from racism. In a video posted on Tik-Tok, Thompson slams popular educational framework PBIS – Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports – calling it “white supremacy with a hug.” 

Turns out a lot of the tenets of PBIS – following directions, sitting quietly, staying in your seat – come from white culture and keep ‘whiteness at the center.’ 

This person is allowed to teach children in Blacksburg, Virginia.

Thompson also wrote an article for the National Education Association titled “Education Justice Provides a More Effective Education.” In the article, Thompson comes off incredibly ignorant, dropping gems of knowledge like: “I realize I’m a cis white man who’s able to do a whole lot more than educators of color or women of color or queer people or nonbinary people or trans people.”

Do you hear yourself, Josh? That’s white supremacy.