KEEP YOUR MITTS OFF THE FILIBUSTER: Watch Romney Hit the Senate Floor With a Warning for Dems

Senator Mitt Romney has a message for Democrats: hands off the filibuster.

“Have Democrats thought what it would mean for them — for the Democrat minority — to have no power whatsoever?” Romney says.

“The United States Senate is one of our vital democratic institutions, and the power given to the minority in the Senate and the resulting requirement for political consensus are among the Senate’s defining features.”

“Note that in the federal government, empowerment of the minority is established through only one institution: the Senate,” he continued. “The majority decides in the House; the majority decides in the Supreme Court; and the president, of course, is a majority of one. Only in the Senate does the minority restrain the power of the majority.” 

Watch Romney address his fellow members of congress below:

“It’s absurd to claim that to ‘save a democracy,’ a party that represents barely half the country is entitled, entirely by itself, to trample the rules of its senior democratic institution. Legislation of consequence must be a product of bipartisan compromise to be effective.”

“Our country is sharply divided—and there are still those who believe the lie that the 2020 election was stolen by Democrats. Now imagine the anger and division that would be ignited if Democrats rewrite, with no Republican involvement whatsoever, the voting laws in this country.”