KAMALA’S BIG LIE: Harris Refuses to Say if 2022 Midterm Elections Will be ‘Legitimate’

Vice President Kamala Harris refused to answer questions from the ‘Today Show’ this week after Joe Biden claimed the 2022 midterm elections may be “illegitimate” if Congress fails to pass his voting rights bills.

“The President openly cast doubt on whether the 2022 midterm elections would be legitimate. He said it all depends, which is astonishing!” said the NBC News host. “Is he really concerned that we may not have fair and free elections?”

“The President has been consistent on this issue… The issue is there are two bills […] that have been the solution that’s been offered to address the fact that around our country, states have put in place laws that are making it harder for the American people to vote,” said Harris.

“Does he think, now that these bills haven’t passed, that the ’22 midterms won’t be legitimate?” pressed the anchor.

“Let’s not conflate issues!” deflected the Vice President.

Watch Harris’ comments above.