KAMALA CAVES: VP Will Visit Border This Week; Trump Visits Next Week

Finally, the Vice President – the Border Czar – is going to Texas. (170,000 crossings a month must have been her limit). But will she be able to actually fix anything?

According to the New York Post, “The Biden administration’s undoing of former President Donald Trump’s border policies has prompted a flood of Central American and Mexican illegal migrants at the US border, including thousands of unescorted children.”

Sounds pretty bad. 

Former President Trump has prioritized a border visit on his schedule; 45 plans to survey the border crisis next week with close to a dozen fellow Republicans.

RSC Chairman Rep. Jim Banks (Ind.) released a statement, saying “President Trump spent four years fixing the border. But the Biden administration broke it again, and we are now experiencing the worst border crisis in our history,” The Hill reports.