JUST THE BEGINNING: RNC Chair Says Mayra Flores’ Win in Texas Should Have Dems ‘Very, Very Worried’

While speaking with Brian Kilmeade on The Brian Kilmeade Show this week, Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said the Democrats should be very worried about Mayra Flores’ historic seat flip in Texas’ 34th Congressional District.

“It’s a precursor of things that we think are to come in Hispanic communities across the country,” McDaniel said. “Democrats should be very, very worried about what we’re seeing with Hispanic voters.”

“And it makes sense because Republicans stand for freedom of speech, freedom of religion, hard work, good education. And these are things, especially in this economy right now with inflation and high gas, that are really resonating with Hispanic voters across the country,” McDaniel added.

From Fox News…

McDaniel said that Flores’ husband is a border agent, and she ran on conservative values. Furthermore, McDaniel added that Flores was not expected to win in Cameron County because it usually favors Democrats in the double digits.