JUST PICK UP THE PHONE, JOE: Guatemalan President Says He’d Help with Migrant Crisis But Biden ‘Won’t Even Call’

According to a report from Fox News, more than 700 migrants crossed the southern border over the weekend; Fox News’ Bill Melugin captured the crossings.

“NEW: We’ve already witnessed 500+ migrants cross illegally into Eagle Pass, TX this morning alone, including this huge single group of 290. You’ll see part of the group walk to the edge of a local highway before being stopped by TX DPS troopers. Almost all single adults.”

“Our team has now witnessed 700+ illegal crossings in the Eagle Pass, TX area since sunrise. Some of the large groups can be seen in this thread below. Some groups are crossing just yards away from locals playing golf. Business as usual here. Non-stop, every day.”

Watch the footage below:

Texas Rep. Tony Gonzales has spoken about the migrant influx with Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei, who says all Biden needs to do, if he wants help, is to pick up the phone and ask.

“I specifically asked the president of Guatemala, ‘Hey, what would  it take in order for you to take more of these repatriation flights?'” Gonzales told host Guy Benson on Fox News Radio. “These are people that do not qualify for asylum, you send them back to their country of origin. What would it take for you to take more of those flights? His answer was: ‘One simple thing, Tony. I just need the president of the United States to call me. He won’t even call me.’”

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