JUST IN: Texas Legislators Approve Bill Allowing Residents to Carry Pistols, Handguns Without a Permit

Lawmakers in Texas voted this week to allow nearly all residents to carry handguns and pistols without a mandatory license or permit; a proposal that could ultimately end up in the United States Supreme Court.

“The legislation passed by an 18-13 margin along party lines Wednesday evening. The bill would allow people 21 and older who can already legally own a gun to carry a handgun in public without the license, safety course and background check current law requires,” reports The Hill.

“HB 1927 would recognize the United States Constitution as our permit to carry and allow all law-abiding adults, aged 21 years or older, to carry a handgun for the protection of themselves or their families, in public places, in a holster, without the requirement of a state-issued license,” said State Sen. Charles Schwertner.

h/t The Hill