‘JUST GET RID OF IT’: CNN Op-Ed Says Repeal the 2nd Amendment, It’s a ‘Disaster’ and Rooted in ‘Anti-Blackness’

Well, that’s certainly one opinion —a terrible one, but an opinion all the same.

Former CNN host Bill Press penned an op-ed for the news org, calling for the full repeal of the 2nd Amendments; Press calls it a disaster and claims it’s rooted in “anti-blackness.”

“The only effective way to deal with the Second Amendment is to repeal it — and then replace it with something that makes sense in a civilized society,” Press wrote for CNN in an article titled “There’s no way to fix the Second Amendment. Let’s just get rid of it.”

“I’m hardly the first person to say that the Second Amendment has been a disaster for this country. In fact, two Supreme Court justices — justices appointed by Republican presidents — have said as much,” he added. 

“It’s clear from the wording of the Second Amendment itself that it has nothing to do with individual gun ownership; nothing to do with self-defense; and nothing to do with assault weapons. The amendment speaks, not to the rights of well-armed individual citizens, but only to citizens as members of a group, a ‘well regulated militia,’” he wrote.

From Fox News…

Press cited Carol Anderson, an academic who “describes the ‘anti-Blackness’ at the heart of the Second Amendment.” 

He wrote that “the amendment has nothing to do with self-defense or allowing ownership of any kind of gun.”

Press criticized Senator Ted Cruz as a “gun worshipper” for supporting the Second Amendment, which he claimed enabled the Uvalde shooter. “We are a sick nation indeed, if we allow that idiocy to stand,” he wrote. 

“We are condemned to more and more mass killings until we do the right thing: Stop arguing about the Second Amendment — and just get rid of it.”