JUSSIE LORENZ: Washington Post Writer Sorry for Fabricating Harassment from ‘Drudge Report’

The Washington Post’s Taylor Lorenz issued a tepid apology Tuesday after she was caught manufacturing an alleged harassment claim against the Drudge Report, claiming she was targeted by an editor from the popular news aggregation website.

@DRUDGE himself contacted

@TaylorLorenz to ask for a correction after she said in tweets that a Drudge editor had harassed her. Drudge told me no one ‘associated with the DRUDGE REPORT’ had contacted her prior. Lorenz says her tweets were mostly a joke,” posted CNN’s Oliver Darcy.

“Lol I didn’t even know Drudge Report was even still around. I still think someone claiming to ruin my career on the Drudge Report is objectively hilarious! I know you’re thirsty for media news, maybe u can report on someone claiming to destroy me on Geocities next,” explained Lorenz.

She has since deleted the tweet.