JUDGMENT DAY: The Case Against Donald Trump is Now in the Hands of a Manhattan Jury

A jury will begin deliberating the case against Donald Trump inside a Manhattan courthouse Wednesday after weeks of witnesses, testimony, and competing arguments from both legal teams.

From Fox News:

With the end of former President Trump’s criminal trial in sight, a pending verdict in the historic case could have serious consequences in the 2024 election rematch between President Biden and the former president, who currently has a slight edge in polling.

But with a potential conviction looming, veteran Democratic pollster Chris Anderson told Fox News that he didn’t think “a guilty verdict would fundamentally change the landscape of the race.” Longtime Republican pollster Neil Newhouse went even further, arguing that a Trump conviction “is unlikely to make any difference.”

“We might see an ‘Access Hollywood’-type slump in Trump’s poll numbers, where some of his less devoted supporters sour on him temporarily, but then by November it will seem forgivable,” Anderson said. “So, I don’t think a guilty verdict would fundamentally change the landscape of the race, but it will certainly be a new contour that could be meaningful in a close race.”