JOURNALISM! Washington Post Warns of a Potential COVID ‘Super Spreader Event’… on Mount Everest

Journalists at the Washington Post continued to warn the world of potential ‘super spreader’ events that could prolong the global Coronavirus pandemic. This one at the base camp of Mount Everest.

“On Wednesday, Outside magazine first reported a climber at base camp had been evacuated by helicopter for what was believed to be high-altitude pulmonary edema and tested positive for the coronavirus upon arriving at a hospital in Kathmandu last week. The New York Times subsequently revealed that in fact there had been multiple climbers who tested positive after being flown out of base camp,” warns the Post.

“Making matters even worse, many common coronavirus symptoms bear a close resemblance to the symptoms of altitude sickness and the ‘Khumbu Cough’ that often plagues climbers at high altitudes,” adds the newspaper.

h/t Washington Post