JOLLY JOY REID: ReidOut Host Gleefully Reports that DeSantis, Rubio Need Biden’s Help

MSNBC host Joy Reid is ecstatic that Florida lawmakers will need the help of the federal government to rebuild the Sunshine State in the wake of Hurricane Ian; DeSantis must go “hat in hand” to Biden, she says.

From Fox News:

Reid mentioned the irony of DeSantis asking for government aid now, when he voted against giving it to New York and New Jersey for their storm damage while he was in Congress and a member of the Tea Party movement.  

Reid made her remarks during the Thursday evening episode of her MSNBC talk show, “The ReidOut,” where she spoke with former Republican U.S. congressman from Florida, David Jolly.

Reid stressed because of the nature of the damage to Florida homes and the state’s infrastructure, “People are going to have to go to FEMA. People are going to have to go to the feds for that money.”

She then dinged DeSantis for once being a U.S. congressman who voted against aid to other disaster-stricken states. “When Ron DeSantis was in Congress, and you guys were in Congress, when he was a Tea Party freshman, when New York and New Jersey faced the exact same tragedy – I mean literally the subways in New York were flooded, people could have drowned in the subway.

She continued: “When Ron DeSantis had the opportunity to make that decision and say, ‘well should the people of New York and New Jersey, who were hit by a catastrophic hurricane they weren’t even used to,’ he said ‘No, that shouldn’t happen.’”