JOE-MENTUM STALLED: New CBS Poll Reveals Majority of Americans Blame Biden for Economy

Bad news for Joe.

According to a CBS/YouGov Battleground Tracker poll, Joe-mentum has stalled out —big time. Democrats, who had enjoyed a nice polling bump in August and September, are behind GOP candidates in recent polls. Additionally,a majority of Americans blame Biden for the state of the economy, the poll shows.

From The Daily Wire:

The worst news for Democrats came from the questions about the economy, as 65% of those polled said that they felt like the United States economy was getting worse compared to only 15% who believed it was getting better. Another 20% said that the economy was staying the same.

Another dramatic swing in gas prices were not helping matters either: 63% said that gas prices in their area were going up compared to only 13% who said that gas prices were going down. By comparison, in August 53% said that gas prices were going down and only 16% had said they were going up.

To make matters even worse for Democrats, the majority of those polled said that Democrats and Democrat-led policies were a part of the problem. Nearly half of the respondents (48%) said that Democratic policies had harmed the economy, and just under one-third (29%) said that they had helped.

Watch the clip below: