JOE MALFUNCTIONS: Biden Stares into Space, Rambles for 2 Minutes, Says He’s ‘Kidding Himself’

President Biden bumbled his way through a two-hour press conference Wednesday afternoon, at one point mumbling for a full two-minutes about the American people being able to decide “what’s real.”

“Could school closures become a potent midterm issue for Republicans to win-back the suburbs?” asked one reporter.

“Oh, I think it could be, I hope to God… That, look…  Maybe I’m kidding myself… As time goes on… The voter who is just trying to figure out… As I said, take care of their family… Uh, is becoming much more informed on… The, um, … The motives… of some of the political players, and uh, the parties… Every President, not in the first 12 months, but most every president… At least four of them… This idea, that you all, not YOU all… I mean, the idea, that… um, the American public are trying to sift their way through what’s real,” trailed off Biden.

Watch the bizarre moment above.