JOE JOE BINKS: Dems Post Star Wars Themed Promo Celebrating Pres. Biden

The Democrats did their absolute best to capitalize on May the 4th —Star Wars Day. Dems posted a promo in the style of the Star Wars opening text crawl marking all of Joe’s accomplishments. The video is titled “Episode 46: Building a Better America.”

“The U.S. economy has added nearly 8 million jobs since President Biden took office and experienced the greatest year of job growth under any President in history last year,” the scroll reads.”

“The White House has repeatedly made similar claims — without recognizing that Biden’s purported job growth occurs as the United States regains jobs from COVID-19 and the lockdown-induced recession, rather than creating new jobs from scratch,” the Daily Wire reports. “Earlier this year, even a Washington Post fact-checker took issue with the administration’s rhetoric on job growth.”

The U.S. economy shrunk 1.4% in the first quarter of 2022. But, you know, Star Wars Day.

Way to go, Joe.