JOE BREAKS DOWN: Biden Launches into Strange Rant About Grandpop, Mass Shootings

Joe Biden confused countless Americans during a national address in Buffalo this week, launching into strange anecdote about his grandparents in Scranton before trailing off about mass shootings.

“My grandpop used to say on the walk down to his home in Scranton… He would say, ‘Joey, spread the faith’… My grandmom would yell, ‘No, Joey’ Wait… He would… uh, say ‘Keep the faith’… My grandmother would say, ‘No, Joey, spread the faith!’ We’re thinking of you… Hold on,” said the President.

“I wasn’t gonna run for certain… But I’d be darned if I was gonna let… Well, anyway… I’m gonna get going… Look, we’ve seen mass shootings,” he added later.

Watch Biden’s bizarre comments above.