Jim Jordan drops Hunter Biden bomb in rant against Big Tech’s anti-Conservative bias

In a subcommittee hearing on the power of Big Tech, Rep. Jim Jordon (R-OH) summed up both the chilling concerns of, and the chilling power wielded by, Big Tech like Facebook, Twitter, Apple, and Google. And he used the Hunter Biden story to make his point.

Jordan’s concern, he said, is when Big Tech and Big Media team up to suppress stories that don’t fit their liberal narratives.

“We saw it in last fall’s election,” he explained regarding the collusion of the two. “Last fall when Big Media teamed up with Big Tech to make sure the American people didn’t hear about the Hunter Biden story in the weeks leading up to a presidential election. So we’ve already seen them team up against we the people!”

“At the same time we’re looking to use anti-trust law to deal with Big Tech, we’re going to give an anti-trust exemption to Big Media!”

Watch his important opening statement below. We only wish we were able to see the looks on the faces of some of the others in the room.