JESUS ‘CRIST’: DeSantis Opponent Charlie Crist Compares Himself to Zelensky, Jesus Christ

Well, this is a stretch.

A Twitter account promoting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and his reelection campaign shared video of DeSantis’ Democrat opponent Charlie Crist making a bizarre comparison; he compared himself to Jesus.

Crist was addressing a room of supporters.

“This is an election about decency. About being decent to one another. About being kind to everyone,” Crist said before calling his GOP opponent “DeSatan.”

“Some people call him DeSatan,” Crist told the room of supporters, pointing to his campaign sign and how the race is “DeSatan” versus “Christ.”

“The choice is clear. There’s no question about it. It’s crystal clear: he’s bad, we’re good.”

Watch the moment below: