JESSE KELLY: At the NEW RIGHT, We ‘Cancel’ Communists

The First’s Jesse Kelly called-out the Communists on Twitter this week; warning his enemies that “accusations” mean nothing to the ‘New Right’

“You communists simply got way too comfortable with the ‘live and let live’ Right. You’re gonna have a tough time adjusting to The New Right. Your names and accusations mean nothing to us. You can’t use our values against us. We’re enemies. Game on,” posted Kelly on social media.

“I’m not a Republican. I’m not ‘better than that’. I’m a monster. I believe in hitting people who hit me. I already got a DEI director fired in Miami for putting on a drag show for children. This is The New Right. We embrace cancel culture,” he added.

“Take your vile filth back to San Francisco where you belong,” he added.

Watch Kelly’s comments above.