JAMES FOR JOE: Kevin James the Latest to Support Joe Rogan, ‘Objective and Seeking Truth’

While most of the left is trying to cancel Joe Rogan, and the White House is calling for more censorship of Joe Roagn, some allies are coming out in support of the embattled podcast host.

In an Instagram post explaining his position, Rogan said, “The podcast has been accused of spreading ‘dangerous misinformation. The problem I have with the term ‘misinformation,’ especially today, is that many of the things that we thought of as ‘misinformation’ just a short while ago are now accepted as fact.”

Kevin James dropped a few words of support in the comments of the video.

“Joe – we go way back and all these years I’ve known you to be nothing but objective and seeking truth,” James commented on a video Rogan made concerning the backlash to his podcast. “Thank you. Love you brother.”

Rogan has already promised to be more balanced moving forward and is working with Spotify to add disclaimers to select episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience.

“One of the things that Spotify wants to do, that I agree with, at the beginning of these controversial podcasts, like specifically ones about COVID … put a disclaimer and say that you should speak with your physician and that these people and the opinions that they express are contrary to the opinions of the consensus of experts, which I think is very important, sure, have that on there,” Rogan said.