IS JOE OKAY? Biden Launches into 90 Second Incoherent Rant, Asks if He’s ‘Making Sense to Anybody’

Joe Biden launched into another incoherent rant about the economy Thursday, mumbling for 90 seconds about “checks, the middle class, raises, and the Rescue Plan.”

“One of the things that I find is… I look at… I take it very seriously… The American people and the economy… I started thinking about it… You know, we were able to with the Rescue Plan, we sent them a check… I mean a check. One beyond that. It helped save a lot of people,” said Biden.

“I started thinking about it. Somebody’s who’s raising a middle-class kid, one year, even though you didn’t have the job you had now… The difference between having a job and a five percent raise… In the face of inflation… It’s like, whoa, then again, I did get a check! Does that make any sense to anybody? Or is it just me?” he concluded.