INCITING A RIOT? CNN’s Nina Turner Urges Dems to ‘Take it to the Streets’ over Filibuster

Failed Congressional candidate and former Bernie Sanders campaign co-chair Nina Turner shocked some viewers at CNN this week; urging President Biden and Democrats to “take it to the streets” to end the filibuster.

“This is not the time for games. Being diplomatic with Manchin and Sinema hasn’t worked and too much is on the line. The President needs to go to AZ and WV and start talking to the voters about what their Senators are doing,” posted Nina Turner on Twitter.

“The filibuster is standing in the way for most of the president’s agenda. Senator Manchin and Sinema are extremists!” Turner told CNN.

“The President needs to call out these folks… Gas up the jet, take it to the streets!” she added.

Watch Turner’s comments above.