IMPEACH JOE: 70% of GOP Voters Want Biden Out of the White House After Midterms

According to a recent UMass poll, nearly 70% of registered GOP voters want Biden out of the White House should Republicans retake the House majority after midterms.

54% of Republicans say Biden will be impeached; 44% of all respondents believe he will be. 34% of all the poll’s respondents say he should be impeached, according to the poll.

 “The decision to impeach a president was once viewed as a last resort to reign in a president who pushed or broke through the boundaries of our laws, values and ethics. Today, impeachment is no longer a final option, but one of many weapons to be used in an era of rampant partisan polarization to gain an upper hand on one’s partisan opponents. With a number of Republican members of Congress calling to impeach President Biden, the chorus will likely grow louder if and when the Republican Party takes control of the U.S. House in 2022,” pollster Tatishe Nteta said.

“Super-majorities of Democrats and Republicans both say they are energized going into the 2022 midterm election season,” pollster Jesse Rhodes said. “With partisans of all stripes excited about the election, we could be in for very closely fought campaigns this fall. A lot will hinge on whether and to what extent Democratic and Republican candidates are successful in turning out their voters during the campaign.”