‘I’M FINISHING TRUMP’S WALL’: AZ Gubernatorial Candidate Says She’s Not Bluffing, Will Declare Invasion Day One

Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake spoke exclusively with Just The News about her plans to tackle the crisis at the southern border. Lake says she’s declaring an invasion on day one and that the federal government has failed to protect its citizens.

“We can protect our own border —the Constitution allows that. Of course Article 4, Section 4 of the Constitution, the guarantee clause, requires that the federal government protect us from invasion. But they are not doin that. It’s a dereliction of duty on Joe Biden’s part….So we’re going to take it into our own hands.”

“We’re going to finish President Trump’s wall. On day one, I will issue a declaration of invasion. We’re going to send our troops down to the border —the Arizona National Guard Troops —we’re going to arm them and allow them to arrest and detain people until we process them and send them back over the border.”

“It’s pretty simple — you protect your people…and right now our government’s failing on that.”

Lake shared the clip of her appearance on Twitter with the following message:

“When I become Governor, I will send armed National Guard Troops to the border to arrest & detain Illegal Aliens invading Arizona — then we will send them back. Think I’m bluffing? Just wait.”

Watch the clip below: