‘I’M DANGEROUS’: Lake Says ‘I’m Speaking the Truth,’ Thanks Cheney for Causing Donation Surge

Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake stopped by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss why she’s dangerous and to thank Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) for spiking Lake’s campaign donations.

“I’m speaking the truth … We can’t talk about all these issues because the media has told us they’re prohibited,” Lake said on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Monday. “You can’t talk about vaccines. You can’t talk about elections. You can’t talk about Paul Pelosi now. You can’t talk about Nancy Pelosi, and you can’t talk about the elections, and you can’t talk about COVID. And I’m talking about all those things because I still believe we have a little bit of the First Amendment left.”

“I’m dangerous to people like Liz Cheney and the folks that she hangs out with and they want to stop people like me,” Lake added.

“I’ve got to extend a big thank you to Liz. And at this rate, we might have to invite her to our inaugural ball because we’re going to have to thank her for bringing in so much fundraising money for us,” Lake jokes.

Watch the clip below: