‘I’M BACK’:James O’Keefe Announces Launch of ‘O’Keefe Media Group’ Following Departure from Project Veritas

James O’Keefe, who recently left his post as the head of undercover journalism outfit Project Veritas, has announced a new media venture called “O’Keefe Media Group.” According to the new venture’s official website, it’s goal is “empowering and equipping a movement of thousands of people like you to report things that are wrong, with the support of an in-house team of elite journalists to bring factual, unbiased stories to light.”

Watch the announcement video below:

“I spent 14 years creating the most effective non-profit newsroom this country has ever seen,” O’Keefe says in the announcement video. “And in paving the way to establish citizen journalism, I have been defamed, arrested, raided, and, ultimately, removed from the organization I spent so much time developing the credibility of.”

“We are going to build an army of investigators and exposers,” O’Keefe continues. “They have awoken a sleeping giant. I’m back.”