ICYMI TULSI TORCHED DEMS AT CPAC: ‘They Suppress Voices and Information They Don’t Like’

Former congresswoman and 2020 presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard lit up Democrats and the powerful elites at CPAC saying instead of a government ordained to secure our rights, we now face a government determined to take them away. Tulsi seemed right at home on the CPAC stage, fueling rumors that she may be ready for a party flip.

Read excerpts and watch Tulsi’s speech below:

“This power elite operation to crush freedom of speech IS the enemy attack from within – it threatens the very core of our democratic republic.”

“What they’re telling us is you are an enemy of the state,” she said. “If you dare to oppose or even question the president, his administration, or his policies, ‘shut up, step back, fall in line, or we’re coming after you.’ This isn’t some theory. This is reality.”