HYSTERIA: MSNBC Claims Pandemic ‘Surging,’ Fauci Says Mask Mandates ‘Need More Time’

Doctor Anthony Fauci returned this week after missing-in-action for weeks on end, telling MNSBC the country “needs more time” before reducing covid regulations like mask mandates and social distancing.

“We understand that the TSA is going to extend the mask mandate… Given the fact that we’re still seeing the surge in Europe and here in the Northeast, why only 15 days?” asked Andrea Mitchell.

“It’s a moving target. We really want to see what the pattern is here in the United States… We really do need more time. Things are moving, we’re seeing an increase throughout the country,” said Dr. Fauci.

“Until we get a really good handle on it, I think it’s prudent,” he added.

Watch Fauci’s comments above.